Daily Prompt: Be the Change


Daily Prompt: Be the Change.

I should start paying attention to the daily writing prompts. Really. But this one fits in with how I’ll be using the blog for the next several months. The three of us who started Green Momma are all moms and teachers. I teach high school English and like to use problem-based (aka project-based or inquiry) learning projects as a way of encouraging students to explore their passions, learn research skills, and, hopefully, bring about some positive change for the world.

Last year I adapted a common AP Language project, REHUGO, into a project called CRAVE. Students begin with a question and by the spring should have a solution.
C – Community and current events consider the history behind issues & current events regarding your issue)
R – Reading books, articles, journals (consider areas not typically covered in an English class)
A – Active – music, museum visits, lecture, podcasts, etc.

V – Visual – film, art, theater, etc.

E – Exercise (this is your research in the form of a plan)

My question is “How can my family live more lightly on the Earth?” and I’ll be trying to answer that question in the form of blog posts addressing food, energy use, spending, materials, and systems, along with my usual exploration of permaculture principles. The change I want to see in the world with this blog is that everyone realizes that life is a process and little is perfected. Too often we see only the results in a pin on Pinterest or a cooking post, and wonder why we haven’t achieved that same look. We all have to practice and maybe, with time, practice will make perfect.


via Daily Prompt: Be the Change.


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