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I grew up in Connecticut and lived in Pennsylvania while at boarding school for high school. My parents had a garden, sometimes line dried their clothes, spoke to us about conserving energy and water, and had a huge compost heap in the backyard. My high school made recycling a priority, taught us how to hand-press apple cider, and instilled valuing the environment and all of the citizens in the world.

There’s so much the earth has to offer us that it’s difficult sometimes to figure out where to begin to learn. I enjoy technology and other western comforts, but want to learn how to live more purposefully. I’m hoping that my experiences, as written in this blog, will help me do that.




My name is Laura.  I was lucky to meet two beautiful friends who shared the same interests as me while we were teaching at a local high school. Larissa and Erin dreamed of visiting an Earthship.  I barely listened until one day, after Erin had moved back to Wisconsin, Larissa and I were driving to lunch on an inservice day and I mentioned that Erin wanted us to come visit.  Larissa said we were going to go to an Earthship instead.  I went along with the idea.

A California girl at heart, I moved to Anchorage when I was 37.  I wanted a fresh start and to be able to find affordable housing.  I barely found it in Anchorage.  Having found love, Steve and I had two beautiful little girls.  He had been living in his home in South Anchorage for 28 years when I met him.  Hence, I married a major compost heap and its owner.

Two years after moving in to this house, I decided to attack the heap.  I turned and turned it and watered and added more.  We built a screen and starting screening the compost.  Eventually, Tahlia, my daughter wanted us to find her worms everyday she would play with the worms.  I would find them on the side of my bed, in the carpet, reconstituted in the coffee cup holder in my car after  water bottles were sloshed around.

I discovered that I loved digging in the dirt, gardening.  After graduating from college I had worked on a farm in Humboldt County-not that kind of farm.  And then I worked in Alaska as well on a ‘You Pick’ farm.  When Steve and I were dating we visited Home gardens through the Botanical Garden.  Alaska’s growing season is sumptuous!

Why we started this


5 thoughts on “About the GreenMommas

  1. Yes! That’s the Phoenix Earthship in the Greater World Community outside of Taos, NM. We stayed there (the three of us who write this blog) in March for three nights. I’ve (Larissa) been obsessed with them for age and am now trying to find my way back there again. Well, I can dream, can’t I? This one is big for an Earthship at 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It’s gorgeous and for sale! “Only” 1.5 million. There are a lot of others that were built smaller and land for sale in the area too.

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