Fence planning

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This is the chicken yard – the fence looks like crap. But it was cheap! Anyway, I need a better fence so I turned to my soul mate, Pinterest, for help. My solution? Pallets. Also cheap/free but more solid. My plan is to slip the ends of the pallets over the tall fencing stakes that currently hold the wire fence. It will use the materials we already have and be easy to move or reconfigure.

I’ll try to find some shorter pallets to use for a fence around the back garden to keep the dog out. Now I just need the ground to thaw so I can get started. And pallets, more pallets.

Morning Chores




Yard design

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It still needs a little tweaking, but here is the site map for the backyard. If I am to start seeds at the end of March then I really need to determine which seeds to start.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.13.37 PM

Next up, the front yard.

Garden planning

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I’ve been flipping through seed catalogs, planning for this season. Alongside the usual kale, broccoli, and cauliflower will be a few new things, or relatively new things.

I’m trying to add more edible flowers to the front yard this year. The potatoes and borage are gorgeous when they flower but I want more color and for everything to look more “full” this season. I’ll be starting more nasturtium inside at the end of March and will also put in more flowering herbs so the plants are useful as well as lush.

On the deck I am going to sow New Zealand spinach again. Every other variety of spinach I have planted always bolts too quickly. I’m also going to have a few deck containers of mixed greens and A LOT of mint. I always tuck mint away in inconvenient places but I like to snack on it so much I have decided I want it close by.

For some extra excitement I am finally going to grow strawberry spinach. I saw it a few years ago on the permaculture garden tour and I am SO psyched to finally have it in my garden.