Gardening Classes

I am thrilled to be teaching the amazing Green Thumb Gardening class in Anchorage again in 2017. This is the course I took years ago from Saskia Esslinger, just with a couple of cool changes.

Larissa earned her permaculture design certificate in 2013 and has been slowly adding to her family’s yard design. She is a high school English teacher and runs a permaculture club for students, guiding them through the basics of the permaculture principles.

Think gardening is a lot of work?  Think again… we utilize Permaculture  principles to create a no-dig, low-maintenance, abundant garden.

When I first started gardening my efforts would only have gotten me a C+. There was a lot of effort there but not great results. Learning through hands-on experiences in a thriving garden gave me the skills I needed to be far more successful in my own gardening spaces. Now it’s your time!

This summer you will feast on your very own vegetables.  From starting seeds indoors to putting your garden to bed, and everything in between, we will walk you through the entire gardening season.  Avoid common beginner pitfalls, have support to deal with problems or questions, and have fun in a relaxed, social setting.

When: Classes are held every other week on Wednesday evenings. Classes begin March 29th and run through late September. 6-8ish

Where: Classes will  at Pragmatic Permaculture’s home base in southwest Anchorage. We will also go on field trips to other participant’s gardens.

How much? $350 including the basic materials you will need to begin your garden… seeds, trays for starts, starts, and more.   You could feasibly grow your garden without spending another dime on it, and reap the benefits of $200-$300 worth of fresh, organic produce.  Plus, you will be able to grow your garden year after year with very little additional investment.

What else? This is primarily a course for adults but is suitable for young people ages 8-15, half price with an accompanying adult.   Any two gardeners working on the same garden and using only one set of supplies can take $50 off, each.  Work–trade may be available.

Sign up! This course has limited space available, so register now!  A deposit of $75 will hold your spot for this season.  To pay contact Larissa Wright-Elson (call or text) at 907-223-1719 or

Check out the schedule to find out more about what we will be learning and doing!

Lessons include:

  • Starting Seeds
  • Garden Planning
  • Garden Establishment (sheet mulching)
  • Composting
  • Soils
  • Diagnosing Problems
  • Weeds and Forest Gardens
  • Food Preservation‑ Freezing and Drying
  • Field Trip
  • Field Trip
  • Food Preservation – Canning and Fermenting
  • Seed Saving
  • Root Cellars and Putting the Garden to Bed
  • Evaluation and Celebrations