2016 Gardening Journal

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I never remember to write things down OR I lose my journal. Maybe by keeping it online I won’t lose track!

March 21st


  • one tray of nasturtium
  • 12 broccoli,
  • 12 neon glow chard,
  • 12 ruby red chard,
  • 12 arugula,
  • 12 New Zealand spinach
  • 12 Gold Nugget tomato (cherry; determinate)
  • 6 Sweetie tomato (cherry; indeterminate)
  • 24 Red Winter kale
  • 24 Tuscan kale
  • zucchini

April 11th

  • 24 Roma tomato (plum)
  • 24 Matina tomato (indeterminate)
  • 24 Abe Lincoln tomato (heirloom, indeterminate)
  • 24 Black Krim tomato (heirloom, indeterminate)
  • 24 Brandywine tomato (heirloom, indeterminate)
  • 12 Strawberry spinach

Lots of extra tomato plants were started for students in the gardening class. Indeterminate varieties have more flexible stems so need to be staked; this type is better suited to growing upside down in Topsy Turvy type containers.

April 25th

  • Started 22 nasturtium under the lights
  • Planted sugar snap and snow peas outside
    • 32 in the backyard by the fence in cinderblocks and 50 or more in a teepee in the front yard

April 27th

  • started 28 marigold
  • 10 Straight 8 cucumber
  • 12 summer squash medley
  • 12 Garden Purslane
  • 6 Delicata squash



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