Easy compost tip

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Use concrete wire or hardware cloth—that very sturdy wire fencing, and put it in a circle–about 4-5 feet tall.  Tie it closed with wire or zip ties so it’s secure.  

Start putting all your scraps in it (greens and browns).  Put it right next to your garden so you are never carting it around.  You might have 10 of these things around your property. When there’s enough stuff to hold up an air tube, stick one in.  You can use extra PVC pipe or even dried cow parsnip stalks sticking out the sides for air.  

Toss worms in, water it, and leave it all summer and all winter.  When spring comes, tip the compost pile upside down.  Use what looks composted on your garden, put the fence around the rest that had been at the top, which is now on the bottom, and start the process over again that summer.

Courtesy of Cindee Karns


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