planting seeds and potatoes and a little patience


Spent 6 hours after a meaningless 2 meetings at work, planning/planting in the garden.  These first days of growing season I am hit with a wide range of emotions.  Mostly happy, but confused and feel as if I have undertaken some major ADD with a whopper of H on the side.  What should I do  first, I ask my other self, the thoughtful one, probably water and get the next proposed garden bed ready.  Wait!  Those seeds should really be put in the ground now.  Nice neighbor said I could steal his leaves for my compost.  That really should be watered so that it I don’t just have a pile of leaves sitting there doing nothing, right?  “Mama, will you swing me?  Mama! Mama, pleaaaaaaaase will you swing me!!!?!!!”  Yes, I say, of course, this is most important.  “Get me down!”  Oy, all of that other stuff must wait.  What was I doing again?


2 thoughts on “planting seeds and potatoes and a little patience

  1. You were living! Mothering the Earth and your children. Doing exactly as you should be. Enjoy planting the seeds and share the joy with your kids, while they are little, before their social life takes over, haha. – Kaye

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