Oh, I am going to do this… in one minute. I always use a box but then the box just sits there, looking at me funny, until I get around to sorting it all out. I’m trying to do 40 bags in 40 days and right now I have one bag when I should have five ready to get out the door.

Trash Backwards Blog

By Liesl Clark

Is the clutter in your house getting you down? Here’s a quick fix that’ll solve your clutter calamaties:

A box.

When I’m overwhelmed by accumulated surface clutter atop counters and other furnishings in our house, I find the nearest empty box and quickly fill it with the items covering my table tops and horizontal surfaces. They’ve been sitting there, I oft realize, because there’s just no obvious place to put them. A box is as likely a place as any.

And where does the box go? In our storage room (husband’s gear room, our workbench, and storage space for things in transition) for a few weeks to see if anyone missed any of the items in said box. If the items disappear without notice or family grumblings, give them away, quickly, before you change your mind and bring them back into your house to start the…

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  1. Thanks! I filled two small boxes that were waiting to go out to recycling anyway. I did sort them as I went so they can be delivered to their owners. 🙂
    Back to filling bags!

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