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Excellent chicken-keeping tips in this post from Scratch Cradle.

Scratch Cradle


If you have chickens or are just getting started, here are ten tips for keeping your flock healthy in 2013.

1. Provide plenty of fresh water with ACV.

Whether you choose to provide an open waterer or water nipples or cups, make sure that your flock has plenty of water year round.  Keep waterers unfrozen with heated water bowls, uncoated light bulbs, or by bringing waterers into the house overnight.  Pour a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with the mother into each gallon of drinking water to improve nutrient absorption and keep the water clean longer.

11-week old Basque Hen pullet ranging

2.  Provide plenty of greens.

The orangey color of the yolk is from carotenoids derived from greens such as grass or alfalfa, as is the yellow of legs, skin, and beaks.  Make sure that they have access to fresh or dried greens year-round for their health and yours.

3. Provide animal protein.

Despite proud…

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