A Green Holiday in Florida

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Relaxing by the pool in Lantana

The day after Christmas, I flew 5,000 miles from Anchorage to Fort Lauderdale with our two little boys, ages 3 and 7. Rather than hit the theme parks, we stayed with my grandfather at his condominium complex in Lantana and were joined there by my parents, who flew down from NYC. The trip was the main gift this year from the Santas in our house and the grandparent Santas. Although Florida isn’t high on my list of most attractive states to visit I can’t say a single disparaging thing about the weather, our company on the trip, or the wild refuges we got to visit.
After so much time in Alaska it is a shock to my system to see how developed communities are other places. As Florida is reclaiming its wetlands and attempting to rid itself of invasive plants and animals, more money is being spent on educating people on the special history of their land.
I will write a few posts on Loxahatchee, Green Cay,

Lion Country Safari, the West Palm Beach Science Museum and Aquarium, and Gumbo Limbo. All of these experiences offer kids and adults an ecological lesson while enjoying the outdoors, animals, plants, and even other visitors.


Adult alligator on an island within Green Cay wetlands area


The boys checking out the wildlife from the boardwalk in Green Cay


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