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Though our family has gotten better about never wasting food (leftovers get eaten later or sent to the chickens or worms) I still feel like we have too many things that end up in the trashcan. Much of it is packaging that can’t be recycled or reused. I know I should make my own yogurt in reusable containers instead of tossing those little plastic dishes into the trash but I just haven’t found the motivation yet.

The Snail of Happiness

I like to be green: saving energy, growing food, cutting down on water use, all the things that crop up throughout this blog. But from a different perspective, much of what I write could be about saving money: repairing rather than replacing, minimising fuel bills, buying packets of seeds rather than baskets of vegetables from the supermarket, and so on. Whilst some aspects of our life have required quite large financial investments (having solar pv panels fitted, for example) many of the changes we have made have required relatively little, on no, money and have saved on outgoings (for example filling the toilet cistern with rainwater rather than metered mains water).

What I want to write about, today, however, is about getting the most out of the things that you buy, by using all of everything rather than just some. According to Love Food Hate Waste, in the UK

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  1. Most of what we throw out is plastic packaging and wrapping. We get our fruit & veg loose and we don’t buy much meat; we can recycle some of the plastic wrapping, but still we throw out two small bagfuls of plastic each week. I think it would be very difficult to avoid it altogether, however hard one tried.

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