Preparing for a road trip


Next week we will be packing up for a big family road trip. We will be camping almost the entire 2.5 weeks in our 1980s pop-up camper (we are spending one night in a yurt). From our home in Wisconsin we’ll be driving north into Canada. We have 3 days to drive east to Maine. Once in Maine we’ll slowly explore the various state and national parks in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and the Adirondacks. It’ll be quite the family adventure!

I’ll try to post from the road (currently testing the WP iPhone ap). I’ll share our strategies for staying sane on long drives with 3 little kids, along with our favorite camp meals, activities, and experiences.

In the meanwhile, if you have any favorite New England trails or parks–please share!

Currently packing up our little camper in preparation for our trip


2 thoughts on “Preparing for a road trip

  1. My son is in Porter, ME at a teen camp and I’m making my first trip to Maine to pick him up. I’ll only have two days to look around, one night, but hope to catch some sights. You are doing it the right way! Have a wonderful trip and looking forward to the photos. – Kaye

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