dip net fishing


Our tents were just to the right of that big white “hospitality” tent run by a Baptist mission. They had a warming tent, free food and drinks, and crafts for kids.

The Phoenix Earthship had a tilapia pond in the greenhouse. We don’t have that, but we do have dip net fishing and it’s pretty easy. Amazingly, in 18 years of living here this weekend was the first time I’d been dip netting. Alaskan residents can add a little card to their sport fishing license and go to a river during a heavy salmon run, dip a giant net into the river while wading into the water (in chest waders) and pull up a whole lotta fish. Our family of four has a limit of 55 salmon. I caught two. But, my excuse is that it was pouring rain and my two year-old was not a happy camper. Oh, and you tent camp on the beach. It’s like a big, mellow, stinky party. I liked it!

These photos were taken at an off time – when I was in the river people were standing shoulder-to-shoulder, “combat” fishing style.


You can’t park here so you drop your gear off, park your car a mile or so away, and then set up camp on the beach.


These pictures were all taken from an overlook in a nearby park. My little camera has a great zoom lens for pictures of the beach, but here you can see much of the scene on the north shore of the Kenai.


Hello, fireweed. People fishing on the other side of the river too. There was a seal floating around in the middle of the river that I wish I’d gotten a photo of.


They love each other, even on cold and rainy days.

My kids did okay but couldn’t just stand in the rain or wait for hours and hours in a small tent. We were soaked. So we drove into town and played.


That’s me in the left corner while the boys hang out on the beach.


The big kid loved everything, the whole time!


The little kid really needed Mommy and lots of reassurance. We did lots of stuff to make him happy and assured.


Kevin sliced the salmon into steaks.


Salmon steaks, waiting to be wrapped and frozen.


When you are a good kitty you get the royal treatment.


4 thoughts on “dip net fishing

  1. OK, getting your husband to dress out the fish is almost as good as doing it yourself. I’m glad you didn’t take them to a processor. Just watch the youtube video; it’s really easy, and fun, in a biology class sort of way.

  2. Once we realized we could just cut them into steaks we were okay. I wish it hadn’t been pouring because we could have used a lot more fish for this winter. :/ Well, I guess that’s what the chicken eggs are for then.

  3. You bring a whole, different experience to my life, reading these posts! The salmon looks great and the fact that you got two big ones, seems good to me! And the kitty made out!

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