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Global warming’s terrifying new math: To keep the world below 2 degrees Celsius warming – the last possible safe threshold – we can only burn 565 more gigatons of carbon. The fossil fuel industry has 5 times that on the books, ready to burn.

That means we’re at a reckoning. It’s either the planet, or the industry’s bottom line that goes.

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via Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math | Politics News | Rolling Stone.


2 thoughts on “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math | Politics News | Rolling Stone

  1. Unfortunately, our political system is too mired in sweating the small stuff to try and tackle the big stuff. No vision. But, the path was really chosen for war (aka loss of environment) when they chose uranium over the far safer thorium in the 50’s, so that they could have plutonium bombs. The ego (mostly male, thinking problems are solved by shooting, killing and blowing things up) involved in thinking the U.S. is going to maintain superiority in the world by having a plutonium arsenal, is the same sort of thinking that kept us mired in burning fossil fuels for energy (let’s build huge, gas-guzzling machines to take off tops of mountains to dig out coal, and use billions of gallons of fresh water, while poisoning rivers and groundwater, to drill for natural gas). Thank God, there are lots of young people like you trying to affect positive change. I am protesting by growing my own food for the first time in my life and trying to change minds on the local level (which isn’t easy with Escalades and other monster SUV’s whizzing by – I mean, as long as those bad-for-the-environment vehicles are available, people will unthinkingly buy them). It’s also easier for the millions of people who vote in this country to get bogged down in the small stuff, than to really think about the big picture. As long as folks can get all stirred up about stuff like birth certificates (which masks for deep-seated racism), it distracts from the big issues, and mainstream media is very skilled at keeping that fire going. It’s rare to have media shine a light on real problems. You have to search it out. Thanks for posting, and I hope all your followers do what they can to change political opinion (starting with young women going into politics!), as we are unfortunately at the mercy of Washington. Ron Paul was/is the only qualified contender to lead this country out of this mess (if it’s even possible now), but, the Republicans (though most of them are not rich and can’t relate to a man like that) chose the nice-looking, uber-rich Romney (I lived in NY, I know how the uber-rich insulate themselves against real-world problems, you think Donald Trump, or Romney, will ever have to suffer?) to go up against Obama. Wrong. The radiation fallout from Fukushima may be the end of the Pacific Ocean and the west coast of the U.S., and you hardly hear about that. (You hear more about what athlete signed a 25 million dollar contract.) I live in California, so this is terrible. THIS is the big picture. Wake up America and smell the radiation (oh, right, you can’t smell it).

  2. Thanks for this post. Terrifying is the right word. The trouble is, we’re so addicted & dependant on burning stuff to live like we do. The danger is, we feel OK because we fitted a few low-energy lightbulbs and bought a more efficient car. Plus, surely Science will come up with a solution before our children have to starve to death? We need these kind of wake-up call numbers – but will we actually wake up? I find it hard not to get completely dis-heartened about all this while I make my tiny drop-in-the-ocean-of-carefree-ignorance actions to live differently.

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