Here comes the sun


The sun is back! Maybe this won’t be the coldest July on record?
I’ve been working on some pre-winter coop improvements and the took some pictures to document what we have and have been using (chard and kale) and what’s coming (broccoli and squash) for a future post.







3 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. So much space! I don’t know what I’d do if I had so much space… My garden is so cramped. What a cheerful coop. I just learned folks three blocks from me have chickens! Their coop is in the 5′ setback between house and property line, about 3′ deep by 8′ long and 7′ high. And they let them out in the back yard every now and then.

  2. Our whole lot is about 8,000 square feet. That’s probably an average size for Anchorage. The kids run around in most of the space but I am trying to figure out what they actually use to see if there’s room for more garden out there and not have it get trampled. Chickens are fun! I’m getting the old plastic playhouse I picked up on Craigslist winterized now so before it gets old I can figure out what still needs to be done. They free-range in the yard all day. 🙂

  3. Here in UK we’re still waiting for the sun. It’s up there somewhere, I’m sure, but it’s being very coy.

    Your veggies look great. Mine have been a disaster this year – combination of no sun, too many snails, plus my own beginner’s incompetence. Maybe it’s not a question of too many molluscs, but not enough poultry. I should listen to all you chicken keepers & take the plunge.

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