Plastic Produce or Bakery Box = Mini Greenhouse

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I have several of these right now and it has been cooold up here this summer so I think I will put them to use in the morning. I’m also going to put the row cover back on some of the squash in the big garden.
I’ll use the produce boxes on some late-planted cucumbers and weigh them down with a few river rocks. Right now many of the plants have stunted growth due to the cold temperatures and wind so let’s hope this does the trick.

Trash Backwards Blog

by Rebecca Rockefeller

Ever come across one of those clear plastic boxes used to package fresh greens and bakery goods at your local grocery store? As part of my family’s shift to no-new-plastic zero waste living, we’ve found other ways to get our greens and grains. These plastic boxes are not currently recyclable here, and even if they were, their downcycling would likely require the input of virgin plastic feedstock.

But we’re always ready to snag a few of these boxes from our neighbors’ trash cans. We wash them out, add a few ventilation holes or slits if desired, and pop them over tender seedlings. Each one becomes a mini greenhouse/cold frame for the plants it covers, offering heat and a bit of protection from slugs, birds, rambunctious dogs, and other threats to baby plants. When our plants outgrow them, we stack the empty boxes on our garden bench and…

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One thought on “Plastic Produce or Bakery Box = Mini Greenhouse

  1. Interesting. My beets just didn’t develop, and it’s not cold. Don’t know what happened. I planted with radishes and same thing, only got a handful. I rarely buy these plastic containers, but if I do, I will remember!

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