Backyard progress

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It’s finally been sunny for a few days in a row, sunny enough to hang clothes on the line to dry without fear that it will take all day.20120619-172046.jpg

My aunt bought me these great wind chimes at the Garden Fair on Sunday (an early birthday present) and we hung them up so the spoonshrooms can jingle in the breeze.20120619-172059.jpg

I have two pots of kale on the deck that are getting huge! The third, below, bolted last week but I’m enjoying observing the differences because these are all the same age and in the same location.20120619-172113.jpg20120619-172127.jpg

I think this little guy is a Brussels sprout – one that I started from seed.20120619-172140.jpg

This is a tray full o’stuff I have to gift or get planted ASAP.20120619-172153.jpg

Fava bean from our visit to the Eagle River Bioshelter. There’s my little pepper plant in the background.


Lettuce mixes on the roof.20120619-172237.jpg

My lupine and weed mix, LOL. I need to do some serious weeding in the next two days to get it back under control.20120619-172300.jpg

Whoa, that’s blurry but it’s a Brussels sprout. I bought this as a start and it is SO much bigger than the ones I started myself, isn’t it?20120619-172249.jpg20120619-172312.jpgBlueberries with strawberries in the background.


The raspberries are flopping over so I need to prop them up soon.20120619-172437.jpg

The new sheet mulch bed is doing really well with the row cover. Everything is HUGE under there.20120619-172446.jpg



The compost is cookin’!


I was relieved to see potato leaves finally poking out of the bin. The one loose seed potato that I planted in row cover has huge leaves so I hope these are doing well.


I should have sheet mulched over this. I have A LOT of chickweed but there are carrots and beets in here. I plan to weed it vigorously tomorrow and then plant a few more seeds. It’s an old bed so I will add sheet mulch this fall and let it break down over the winter so it’s fresh in the spring.


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