Compost Fascination and Chicken Education

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Okay.  So I am way deep into things breaking down, must be the entropy lover in me.  The heap has been stuck at 155 Degrees for days and I am totally in awe, I saw eggshells that were actually toasted after turning the pile.  They were burned!

Chickens are doing great.  We had to put one in Chicken Time Out overnight.  I opened the coop and she had feathers dangling from her mouth.  We named her Bully, and swiftly put her into solitary confinement.  I think that you are supposed to do it for 2 days, I could only endure  one and a half.  Tree Top, Rainbow Dash, Red Riding Hood, Sadie and Lioness are all doing fabulously well.  Tree Top is fine with being picked up and carried around by Tahlia, my 5 year old.  She has a new chore, letting the chickens out in the morning….


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