Butter churning


All of my posts seem to be about me. Isn’t this supposed to be about families? Well, I’ve been reading a lot of books and posts about basic homesteading/home-making skills lately and trying to do a little more around the house.

Well, this morning my seven year-old and I were inspired by a little video we stumbled across on Pinterest.

Kids! On the computer! Making butter?!?!

And then I discovered that he’d never made butter before. I have very clear memories of making butter in jars in Mrs. O’Sullivan’s first and second grade class at Ruth L. Chaffee Elementary for Thanksgiving in the classroom. Easy peasy!

It’s actually a lot easier than my son’s expression would have you believe.

We added heavy whipping cream to some lidded containers. The big kids (that’s our neighbor at the back) got large Ball jars and the two year-old has a container from the little blender. Then we shakeitshakeit.


First it makes whipped cream. And you may be confused, take some out, add a little sugar, and make your toddler eat it with strawberries.


Then you stop second guessing yourself, shake a little longer, and realize that the buttermilk really is separating from the fat!


Voila! Butter! I should have taken pictures of us all doing shots of buttermilk, but I forgot.


The kids were a little too shocked that it actually worked. Do teachers not do this in school anymore?


3 thoughts on “Butter churning

  1. That’s a wonderful thing to do with small children! Are you able to get fresh cow milk where you are? Or, do you have your own cow? Or goat? Unless we have access to our own fresh milk, the government will try to force us to consume the manufactured dairy product in the stores they call milk. I wish I was younger and more energetic and had my own cow (and the space for it to roam)!

    • No, we’re in a pretty suburban area so no cow. This was just a spur of the moment organic whipping cream from Safeway in use to amuse the kids. I haven’t the energy to source fresh milk; I wish I were younger and more energetic too!

  2. That strawberry dipped in cream looks fantastic. I hope your toddler left some for you.
    Here in the south of England, my strawberries are still small & green, so we are having to cheat and buy them in nasty plastic tubs. No cow here, either.

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