Reuse – file drawers

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Earthships use recycled material as building materials but most of us just use recycled or up cycled material where we can, and to save money.
I bought these gigantic file drawers at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore (this is one of my favorite places to shop – I bought a bunch of old cabinet doors to finish off the coop there too) several weeks ago to use as planters. All three of them were only $5 and look interesting against the side of the garage.
The drawers have holes in the bottom, but I put them up on old cinder blocks and added gravel to the bottoms for better drainage. I planted them with zucchini and marigolds for some color and variety. The middle drawer has a couple bundles of firewood in it instead of plants because I needed someplace nice to put it. 🙂
The planters face west and get a little to dry to suit me so I added straw mulch to them yesterday.





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