Permaculture Workshops

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Coming up at Red Edge Design’s Williams St. Farmhouse:

Space is limited!  Call 563-1119 to register!

Instant Gardens  May 30th,  7-9pm

Tired of mowing?  Turn your lawn into a garden in just a few hours, using mostly recycled materials. We will use the sheet mulching technique to build a garden together while we discuss how it works.  See beds built with this method in past years and how they are functioning now.  You can build these gardens and plant them the very same day! $25

Soils and Composting  June 6th 7-9pm

Learn how to harness the benefits of millions of micro-organisms to ease your workload in the garden.  This workshop will help you understand the complexity of soil and teach you how to feed your soil so that it can feed you.  A key part of this is making good compost so we will build a compost pile together, unravelling the mystery behind it so you can make a hot pile every time.  And just for a bonus, we will also make some compost tea! $25

Backyard Chickens  June 13th 7-9pm

Chickens can be a lot of work, or they can do a lot of work for you. Learn how to use Permaculture principles to set up a dynamic, low-maintenance relationship with your garden and chickens. We will cover all the basics of keeping chickens, building a low-maintenance coop, and alternatives to pelleted food.  $25

New at Williams Street Farmhouse

Quick and Dirty: A set of sketching events for those drawn to gardens

Using ourselves, the garden, and our unique personal attachments to our gardens as muse and model we will investigate sketching techniques that allow for greater articulation of experience through a visual means.  In other words, shake preconceptions of drawing and come learn to approach and record your growing season in a creative way.  “Free your mind and the rest will follow…”

Contour – Learn to match the hands movements to the movement of the eye.  This allows you to record what you see versus drawing what you think you see.  The natural line, holds mystery, unpredictability, and texture that will push all of your drawings whether or not they are realistic.

Gesture – Its the gesture that counts.  Get into the essence of objects and capture the character and attitude of items in the garden in one movement.  You’ll summarize the “zucchininess” of that prize zucchini in five minutes, three, one, and finally 30 seconds.

Line Quality – Forget three point and two point perspective.  Learn to use line to add depth to your drawings.  That’s right, the line width and weight (darkness) can put people and carrots in place/space.

Putting it all Together: Complexity in Layers – Use the drawings done at Williams Street Farmhouse to add to your personal collection of interesting bits to create layered images that evoke your memories, hopes and experiences of your garden. (And highlight your new sketching skills of course)

Supply list:

Paper- the bigger the better. Newsprint best. Whatever you have great.

Your favorite writing utensils- suggestions: pencils,  pens, markers, charcoal (all sizes, shapes, and hardnesses of mark making utensils welcome)

Something portable to draw on- suggestion: piece of smooth board, a book, cookie sheet

Attitude- relaxed, excited, exploratory, curious, playful, thirsty

 30$ per class, come one come all

Garden and Wine Tours

Learning is more fun with a glass of wine in hand!  Learn about Permaculture techniques and garden tips at the Williams Street Farmhouse.

June 28, July 12, July 19, Aug 2 or Aug 16

7-9pm, $25

Permaculture Workshops.

via Permaculture Workshops.


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