First Day of Alaskan Planting

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This is the official start of ‘summer in Alaska.’ Today, you can be freely plant with no holds-barred, however, it still feels freezing out there, yet the urgency still exists for things to heat in a hurry.
I have been futzing around with my compost heaps, instead, intermittently throwing in a few plants here and there while I keep hoping for the earth to heat, and cold layers to dissipate. I was thrilled to buy a long stick thermometer for compost temp. gauging, that I think people use if they ever wanna roast an elephant in a pit. So over the last few days, the compost went up from 55 degrees F to 80. I yanked out the meter and turned the pile and sacrilegiously added more to it. I think Kaladi Brothers Coffee company is going to start wondering about my frequent fetches for their grounds. My car is starting to smell like stale brewed coffee grounds.
I always feel that push-pull when the kids are outside: should I push her on the swing, or can I get away with one more turn of the pitch fork, plant that last groundcover, empty out that seed packet, or should I keep pushing my gleeful child singing on the swings?
We put together the ‘water feature’ it is somewhat lacking as came as a moldy lily pad, and I am unimpressed. I may throw the whole thing in the water and see if it floats or sinks and leave it at that, I guess you are supposed to put it in a mesh box with rocks, but I am just not patient enough for that.



One thought on “First Day of Alaskan Planting

  1. I’ve never known anyone from Alaska, let alone anyone trying to garden! I admire you and wish you bountiful harvest! I thought growing vegetables in your front yard in Los Angeles was hard (well, the dirt IS hard, as a brick).

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