Wage slave exit strategy


Wage slave exit strategy.

via Wage slave exit strategy.

To exit wage slave 9-5 you need few things sorted out.

First, you have to arrange some emotional space to not be time-poor. You can do so through downsizing and unsandboxing your life. Revisit all of the issues that hold you back and with which you can do something about. The change is to get away from doing crappy stuff for a few weeks of release/freedom. Change into being more in charge of own life and doing what you feel.

Getting some diet changes also helps since you don’t have to worry about lengthy preparations when you’re following simple vegan or raw (uncooked) vegan diet.

Next you have to re-examine your money sourcing part of life.

Being in a stressful situation where you work all year for few weeks of release is far from healthy. Many choose to get away from their corpo-jobs as a part of a gap year experience, no matter how early or late in their lives.

People become massage therapists, artists, sculptors, organic farmers. Surprisingly when looking at this subject many top computer programmers go away from that to elderly care or  become ski instructors. After all its quality of own life that matters rather than living for a prestige, or in constant fear of some imaginary threat some use to emotionally guilt and enslave you.

The end game is about settling self on own piece of land, where you can start some clean veggie growing operation, kinda like they do.


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