Screen-Free Week

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Screen-free week is coming up! From April 30 – May 6 we plan to turn off our screens and enjoy time together playing outside, having adventures, being creative, and reading lots of books. I am also planning on organizing a family nature hike in our area.

We’ve done this before  and at first our kids whined and complained as if we told them we were not going to let them eat for the entire week. “I’m so bored!” The transformation by the end of the week was amazing. They stopped asking to watch and instead were incredibly creative in their play. They played outside, build giant lego structures, played games, and colored artwork. It’s amazing how much screen time numbs their imagination and creativity.

The website has a free kit, as well as tips and suggestions. There are also many other great websites and books out there for ideas for hiking, arts and crafts and more. I’ll try to post our family favorites later this week.

Screen-Free Week.

via Screen-Free Week.


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