Reusing the pallets

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One of the best things about Earthships is the way they reuse everyday “trash” into beautiful and practical objects.
So, we are aiming to do the same.
Starting with some free pallets and tips from the web, namely Life on the Balcony, last night we constructed four vertical planters that are now just waiting for soil and planting season. (Here’s a great post on Design Sponge)


While Laura made dinner and watched the kids, Steve and I assessed the pallets. We tried to pull apart a pallet to use the boards on better pallets but that proved a little impossible. Pallets are not constructed of good quality wood so the wood just split and cracked.


There are empty spaces on pallets where they can be lifted by a forklift. We decided we wanted to have the spaces filled in with boards so we’d lost less dirt once the pallet is tilted up. Since we couldn’t scavenge from other pallets, Steve found old lumber in his workshop that we cut to size.




Steve drilled pilot holes and then I screwed in the extra boards, 2X4s Steve saved from a shipment.



Looking good!




Steve and Laura had a lot of landscaping fabric left over from something. We secured it to the back and sides with a staple gun.

Easy project! We still have another month or so before we can plant anything in them though.


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