What’s On My Food?

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I am currently gathering information for a series of papers I am writing for my Ecological Lifestyles class. A search on pesticides led me to a very informative site called What’s On My Food? I spent a good hour of reading on the wide variety of pesticides that could be found on the produce I commonly consume. Take a common apple, for example. Over 42 pesticide residues have been found on your average grocery store apple. These pesticides include carcinogens, hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, developmental/reproductive toxins, and honeybee toxins.

One would assume that such harmful toxins would be banned from our food sources. However, based on what I’ve been reading, the US has pretty much allowed the chemical industry to regulate itself (more on this later–still researching). So buyer beware. At the very least stick to the dirty dozen and clean 15 lists. If find them very useful when grocery shopping on a budget.


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