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Catch it all on your counter

From Versus Carbon Neutral:

On average, Americans are responsible for 4.6 pounds of waste per day (in contrast, the average European produces 3.2 pounds of waste per day). This means that Americans send about 260 million tons of waste to landfills every year! In 2005, recycling efforts in the US recovered 32.1%, or 79 million tons, of municipal solid wastes, or trash items that include food scraps, lawn waste and old household appliances and furniture.  On top of that, 26% of what we throw out is compostable, or could be degraded naturally and used for gardening or agriculture.  By sending compost materials to landfills, the organic matter is degraded in an anaerobic environment, which releases methane – a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more potent than CO2.
Some landfills have been converted to capture this methane and provide an energy source which is cleaner than the use of fossil fuels.  But the cleanest option would be to not send organic material to a landfill in the first place. The best way to do this is to create a compost pile at home and use it to fertilize your garden and lawn safely and naturally.  If you don’t have room, you can save your food scraps and give them to a local composting site (the Atlanta Botanical Garden, for example, accepts compostable materials).
Since waste management is often handled on a local level, a community effort to compost and recycle can decrease the amount of waste sent to landfills every year, which can lead to lower (or at least a better use of) city taxes.

So, I am set up for composting for 6 months out of the year in Alaska.  I got my kitchen scraps bin, I got my outside garbage can to compile scraps and I got my new plot in mind. As soon as the ground thaws, I am on it!



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