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Sometimes in li…

Sometimes in life a “thing” comes around at the right time, so it’s an immediate “fit” and you move on from there. My husband came around at the right time. So have my kids and my pets. But sometimes you learn about a “thing” at the wrong time and so you file it away and/or obsess over it for ages until you find a place for it in your life.

That’s what happened between me and the Earthships. I learned about them in the late 1990′s when I was desperately searching for an alternative to the boxy and impractical houses we have in Anchorage. Oh, like the house I am writing this post from.

A few years later I told Erin about my Earthship obsession and passed it along to her. And now, after a girlfriends vacation to Taos to spend three nights in The Phoenix Earthship in the Greater World Community, we have passed the obsession along to Laura.

Our intent with this blog is to share our Earthship experience and pass along our “takeaways” from what we learned. We are all full-time teachers with small children. We all have kind husbands and busy lives. We all have a desire to not let the vacation be a stand-alone experience. We’ll use this space to tell other busy families how to incorporate a little more “green” into already busy schedules.




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